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McInnes Legal Practice Areas


McInnes Legal’s principal practitioner Carolyn McInnes is a highly-experienced lawyer in the specialised field of Personal Injury Law. She is devoted to getting compensation for people who have been injured, regardless of who is at fault. She is particularly concerned with helping those whose injury has or continues to prevent them from working, and securing payments to assist with day-to-day expenses and medical bills. Carolyn helps clients get back on track with weekly payments from WorkCover, TAC, and the Victims of Crime Tribunal. 

Carolyn McInnes  – Personal Injury Law Specialist

Specialising in securing compensation for clients that have experienced stress related injuries.

Whatever the cause or nature of your injury, we know that nothing can change what you have experienced. At McInnes Legal, we want to help you take back your future by advising you of your rights and securing the maximum compensation you may be entitled to. 

In the aftermath of a trauma, it is hard to know what to do next. We want to minimise any further stress in your life by utilising our expertise to navigate the legal system on your behalf, in order to secure compensation that helps ease your road to recovery. We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, meaning you will only have to pay us if you receive settlement.

We collect evidence from clients, doctors and anyone else that can help us put together a compelling case to argue that you should receive compensation. We know exactly what we need to make a strong case without overworking files and definitely without overcharging you. 

Going to court is expensive, time-consuming and emotionally taxing for already suffering clients, which is why we will always work hard to deliver a positive outcome without going to court. However, if you decide that going to court is the best option for you, we will back you and fight for you all the way.

Insurance companies like to fight personal injury claims because it is cheaper for them if you lose than if you win, which is why they invest in the best lawyers to make their case. It is our experience that in order to win, you need a lawyer that specialises in personal injury law and is committed to you.

McInnes Legal brings a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of legislation and true empathy to every case. We know we can’t change your past, but if you let us, we will fight for your future. 


Have you been injured at work?

Have you experienced bullying, harassment, abusive or unfair treatment while at work or been terminated unfairly and became stressed because of this?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be entitled to WorkCover compensation. If the cause of your injury is someone else’s fault (e.g. employer workplace safety negligence), you may be able to sue under common law for additional damages.

With 16 years’ experience in WorkCover claims, McInnes Legal are experts at assessing and filing claims, re-appealing rejected claims, and fighting to get the best outcome for you.

Types of work related injuries may include:

  • Workplace accident, such as construction site injuries, farm injuries or office injuries.

  • Lifting injuries.

  • Worsening of pre-existing medical conditions. 

  • Disease contracted through work.

  • Muscular injuries.

  • Psychological trauma related to work.

Full-time, part-time, and casual employees, as well as sub-contractors, may all eligible for WorkCover compensation. 

Depending on your individual circumstances, WorkCover compensation may include:

  • Weekly payments to replace normal weekly earnings, as well as payment for lost income due to your injury, including superannuation.

  • Medical bills and costs (past and future), as well as reasonable expenses including occupational therapies, home and attendant care.

  • Costs to make home and vehicle modifications if necessary.

  • If permanent harm has been done you may be offered a lump sum payment.


Rely on our expertise to help you maximise your rights and gain financial security for your future.


Your first consultation is free and we work on a ‘no win, no fee; basis. We meet with our clients’ and their families at a location that suits them and listen to their story. 

We will then assess your claim and apply our expertise in personal injury law to work out how to best help you get back on track. Our focus is on getting you the best outcome at the least cost to you, and to avoid going to court whenever possible.


Have you suffered an injury on someone else's property?

Then you may have a claim under the Wrongs Act.

We can help you pursue this.


Has a transport accident changed your life?

If you have been injured in a transport accident as a pedestrian, passenger or cyclist, contact McInnes Legal to discuss the best course of action to recoup some of your losses, including:

  • Cost of medical treatments

  • Costs of services to help you while you recover

  • Income support and/or return to work support for you and your employer

You can count on our experience to help ease the financial pressure as you recover. 

Is your current WorkCover or TAC claim taking too long? 
Has your WorkCover or TAC claim been rejected?
Were you on WorkCover and have now been put on Centrelink?
Did WorkCover refuse your treatment?


We can help.


Are you or has a member of your family, been a victim of crime? 

Crime affects victims and their loved ones in a multitude of ways: financial loss may be suffered, traumatic stress experienced, physical or psychological harm incurred. The event may affect the victim’s ability to go back to work or provide for themselves, or incur medical and like costs. We can help you recoup expenses incurred, lost income, and receive compensation for damages caused by filing a lawsuit under common law.

A victim of crime may include someone who has experienced:

  • Burglary

  • Violence

  • Sexual harassment, abuse and/or violence

  • Workplace bullying and/or harassment

  • Transport accident

  • Injury in a public or private place due to negligence on the property owner’s part.

  • Other


The Victim of Crime Tribunal’s Compensation may cover:

  • Medical costs (past and future)

  • Income loss (past and future)

  • Damage to or loss of property

  • Pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life

  • Home help and attendant care

  • Superannuation


Carolyn McInnes has represented multiple victims of crime sometimes winning six-figure compensation for their suffering, including victims of sexual abuse and bullying in the workplace, random criminal violence, reckless driving, as well as the grieving families of victims killed by criminal acts. 

Trust McInnes Legal with your past and we’ll fight for your future, to lift financial strain, and protect others from going through what you have.

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